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人工智慧學系 Department of Artificial Intelligence





    The inspiration for "66 School Classroom" comes from the renowned French programming school, School 42. The innovative learning approach and instructional environment will offer students a unique learning experience.

    The teaching team has also developed the "66 School Learning Forum," allowing students from Central Gold Institute to participate freely through online game-based challenges. Students only need to log in with their email accounts to initiate online learning. Each level represents an AI course. Upon entering, students can access online lectures, teaching resources, materials, examples, and quizzes provided by the teachers. Upon completing all the levels, they will receive certification from "66 School," signifying their recognition of knowledge in the field of AI.

    AI major students highly praise the school's facilities and curriculum, which are of a professional standard. It is believed that within such an environment, learning can be more effective and engaging. Looking forward to becoming internationally competent talent in the field of intelligent finance after four years of study.