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人工智慧學系 Department of Artificial Intelligence

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Student Core Abilities

 In terms of curriculum and instructional planning, our department first aligns with industry trends and market demands. We also reference the university's educational objectives and the educational goals of relevant departments in related fields. Based on these, we establish our department's educational objectives and students' core competencies.

    Subsequently, in accordance with these objectives and the desired core competencies for our students, the Department Curriculum Planning Committee designs both university-wide common courses and departmental core courses (including mandatory and elective courses at the professional level). These courses combine artificial intelligence with financial management, aiming to cultivate students' abilities in programming, software development, and AI data analysis. Students are expected to become proficient in AI machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, while also possessing fundamental skills in financial management. This comprehensive training equips students to adapt to the trends in financial technology development.

    To deepen practical applications of the curriculum, we have further designed two extracurricular activities: the '66 School Digital Learning Platform' and the 'AI Self-Learning Community,' enabling students to apply AI skills in real-life scenarios.