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人工智慧學系 Department of Artificial Intelligence

【Competition Announcement】2023 National SDGs x ChatGPT Four-Panel Comic Contest


  • Event Purpose: Based on the trends in artificial intelligence development and its potential impact on future society, Zhonghua University is hosting the "SDGs x ChatGPT Four-Panel Comic Contest." The competition aims to link the theme with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. Beyond sparking an interest in artificial intelligence, the contest also aims to help students apply SDGs in practical contexts. Through AI-assisted logical thinking, participants will arrange stories that promote sustainable development.
  • Supervising Authority: Ministry of Education.
  • Organizer: Office of Social Responsibility Promotion, Zhonghua University.
  • Eligibility: All enrolled students from tertiary institutions across Taiwan are eligible to participate.
  • Registration Method: Complete the registration form, provide the personal data consent form, the intellectual property rights authorization agreement, and the undertaking of copyright authorization. Submit these documents along with the electronic file of the work to the organizer's contact email address within the designated submission period. Confirmation of successful registration will be sent upon receipt of a response email. For registration-related information, please refer to the brochure at https://reurl.cc/7k7NWN.
  • Announcement of Evaluation Results: The results of the evaluation will be announced on September 15th, 112 (Friday) and will be posted on the Zhonghua University USR webpage.
  • Contact: USR Project Officer, Yu-Chia Lin, Phone: 03-5186278, Email: pamelalin621@gmail.com.

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